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  • Bingo card price?

    0.50 regular games, 1.00 special games.

  • What time is open / available?

    That is the best of this modality, you can play at any time during the opening hours of your room.

  • How often is there a game?

    In Azulred we do not rest and you have games constantly. As in traditional bingo, you have to wait until the game ends to join. Once the game in progress begins a new distribution / purchase of cards, the screen will show a countdown that tells you the time left for your new game.

  • How do I collect the prize?

    Everything you win the machine saves as available balance so you can reinvest while you want to continue playing, when you decide you just have to give the key "charge" and the bingo staff will give you the amount of your prize. If the total amount is equal o greater than 2.000€, we'll pay you by a check

  • How can I test the game?

    On our website you have a DEMO version available for you to try the game and enjoy the experience, here you will play for credits and you will be ready to try in our rooms.

  • What data do I need to register?

    Being a free DEMO service, we do not need your personal data. Only your name or nick, email and password will be enough to access the online platform.

  • Where can I play?

    Azulred is not online, so to enjoy this game has to be in any of our rooms linked to the network of Azulred. Currently you have 36 available rooms throughout the Valencian Community. On our website you can search by city, zip code or address. All of them will display the Azulred badge at the en rance and the qualified staff will help you in whatever you need.

  • Is it regulated?

    Of course, this modality is regulated by the Bingo Regulations, Decree 68/2015.

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