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The data collected is stored confidentially and in compliance with the legally established security measures and it will not be transferred to or shared with companies or entities other than the legal holder of the website. Sistemas Tecnológicos para el Desarrollo y Gestión de Juegos, S.L can reveal any information that it deems necessary, including personal data, in order to comply with legal obligations.

  1. Introduction

    By registering on the website and clicking the box “I have read and accepted the terms” that appears below (or other similar terms) and/or by clicking on the “Continue download” button, you accept to be governed by this Agreement, in its entirety and without reservation. As such, this Agreement constitutes a legally binding document between you and the Company and, along with the Additional Rules, which are considered an integral element, this Agreement will govern at all times your use of our online DEMO services. The company operates in compliance with a series of gambling licences granted by the Government of Spain and/or the Regional Government of Spain and/or the Regional Government of Valencia, in virtue of the provisions of the corresponding gambling regulations. The Company reserves the right to suspend, modify, remove or add Services according to its judgement, with immediate effect, and without prior notice. The Company will not assume liability for any losses resulting from any changes made and you give up the right to make any kind of refund against the Company in this regard. In order to use the Services, users can only have one account, for which they must register using their real name. Furthermore, they can only access the Services through their own account and they can never do so through the account of another person. If any users try to open more than one account, whether it is in their name or in the name of third party, or if they try to use the Services through the account of another person, we will have the right to immediately close all of their accounts, and prevent them from using our Services in the future.

  2. Modifications to these Terms and Conditions

    If you do not accept any of the provisions of this Agreement, you should immediately stop using our website. We reserve the right to amend, modify, update and change any of the terms and conditions of this “Agreement” (including the Additional Rules) at any point and we will inform you of those amendments, modifications or changes via the publication of a new version of this “Agreement” on the relevant page of all the own brand Internet sites. Any modified version of this “Agreement” is in force at the time that we receive your express consent.

  3. Authorised users

    No minor under the age of 18 can register or participate in any of the Services offered on our website. Any person under the age of 18 that downloads or uses the Services will infringe the terms of this Agreement. The Company reserves the right to request identification documentation at any point, in order to ensure that there are no minors using the Services. If the requested documentation is not provided or if the Company suspects that the person that uses the Services is not an adult, the Company can cancel their account and that person will be prevented from using the Services. We reserve the right to check that your registration data, such as name, address, age, at any point, by requesting certain documents. These documents usually include an identity card, proof of address, and for example, a bill. If necessary, we can request that the copies of the mentioned documents are certified, which means that the documents must be stamped and authenticated by a notary public. In the event that the member does not present the requested documents, the Company can terminate their account, at its discretion. If the documents do not pass the internal security checks, for example, if we suspect that they have been tampered, or have been supplied in order to mislead or present false data, we have no obligation to accept such documents as valid, nor do we have any obligation to provide explanations about the exact nature of our investigations in relation to those documents.

  4. Your declarations and commitments
    1. You are legally an adult as defined in this Agreement, you have full command over your mental faculties and you have the capacity to take responsibility for your own actions.
    2. All the data supplied to the Company during the registration process, is true, current, correct and complete.
    3. ou cannot allow third parties (including your family members) to use your account, password or user name, or the Services and you take full responsibility for any activity carried out on your account by third parties. You will not reveal your user name or password to anyone and you must take the necessary measures to ensure that such information is not revealed to anyone. You should immediately inform us if you suspect that a third party is improperly using your account and/or accessing your user name or password, so that we can investigate said matter, and you should collaborate with us, as we request, during the course of the investigation. We will not be held responsible for any loss that you may suffer as the result of non-authorised or incorrect use of your security access data, unless it is a result of our serious negligence.
    4. You are responsible for the security of your user name and password on your own computer or internet access location. Likewise, you take responsibility for the “piracy” of this combination of user name and password, due to a virus or malware present in the computer that you use to access your account. You must immediately inform the Company of any possible piracy attempts or security breaches that take place on your computer. We will not be held responsible for any loss that you may suffer as the result of non-authorised or incorrect use of your computer, unless it is a result of our serious negligence.
    5. We do not take responsibility for third-party access to your account and under no circumstances will the Company take any responsibility resulting from any loss that you may incur as the result of the non-authorised use of your password by any other person, or as the result of non-authorized access to your account. All the transactions where your user name and password appear correctly shall be considered valid, whether or not they were authorised by you.
  5. Company Obligations
    1. The Company shall have no obligations to check if users are using the Services in compliance with this Agreement or with the Additional Rules, including the updates that may be carried out in due course.
    2. The company can, at its discretion, decide to start due proceedings against any person suspected of illicit behaviour or of incompliance in another way with the terms of this Agreement, but they are not obliged to do so.
    3. The Company has no obligation to maintain the names of accounts or passwords. If any user cannot find, forgets or loses their user name or password for any reason other than an error by the Company, the Company will not be held responsible.
    4. The Company will handle all personal information provided by users in compliance with the Privacy Policy.
    5. Updating and modification of the website. Sistemas Tecnológicos para el Desarrollo y Gestión de Juegos, S.L reserves the right to update, modify or remove information contained on its website, along with the configuration and presentation, at any point, with no prior warning and without assuming any kind of responsibility for doing so.
    6. Indications regarding technical aspects: Sistemas Tecnológicos para el Desarrollo y Gestión de Juegos, S.L does not assume any responsibility resulting from technical problems or faults in computer equipment, that take place during the Internet connection, or that are caused by third parties through illegal interference beyond the company´s control.
  6. Incompliance with these terms and conditions

    Incompliance with these terms and conditions You agree to fully indemnify, defend and immediately hold harmless the Company and its partners from external brands, and their respective companies, executives, directors and employees if they request so, against any claim, obligation, harm and damage, losses, costs and expenses, including legal costs and any other possible charge, due to any reason, that could result from:

    • Any incompliance with this Agreement by you
    • Any infringement by you of any law or the laws of any third party
    • The use of the Services by you or by another other person that accesses the Services using your user name, with or without your authorization or acceptance of any virtual winnings (azulcoin currency)

    Sistemas Tecnológicos para el Desarrollo y Gestión de Juegos, S.L does not take responsibility for the misuse of the content of its website, and the person that accesses the content or uses it is exclusively responsible. Nor does it assume any responsibility for the information contained in the web pages of third parties that can be accessed through links on the website. The presence of these links is for information purposes, and under no circumstances does it constitute an invitation to contract products or services that may be offered on the target website. In the event that the Company has actual knowledge that the activity or information that these links lead to is illegal, constitutes an offence, or may damage the assets or rights of third parties subject to indemnification, it will act with the necessary diligence in order to eliminate or disable the corresponding link as soon as possible. Incompliance with this Agreement can lead to disqualification, the closing of the account and/or legal action being taken against you.

  7. Intellectual property of the website.

    All intellectual property rights of the content of this website and its graphic design, are the exclusive property of Sistemas Tecnológicos para el Desarrollo y Gestión de Juegos, S.L and it holds the exclusive usage rights to them. Thus, it is prohibited to reproduce, distribute, publicly communicate and either totally or partially modify it, without prior express authorisation. Likewise, all the distinctive signs, trademarks, trade names or signs of any type contained on this website are protected by law.

  8. Use of cookies.

    This website may use cookies. Users have the option to prevent the creation of cookies, by choosing the corresponding option in the menu on their browser, however if they opt to deactivate the use of cookies it is possible that the functioning of this website will be affected.

    1. Other data collected: collects data about users and their visits. This data, such as the most visited areas, services accessed, browsing routes, etc. is purely for statistical purposes and is used for subsequent study and analysis. This work allows us to develop the design of new services and to improve existing ones. This site is being measured with Google Analytics solutions. These solutions use codes on the pages and anonymous cookies.
  9. Newsletters, commercial communications and notifications
    1. Newsletters and commercial communications. Sistemas Tecnológicos para el Desarrollo y Gestión de Juegos, S.L will send Newsletters and Commercial Communications to authorises that authorise them. They will be based on the sending of information relating to new products, content highlights, relevant advice for the functioning of the system itself and commercial information. With said authorisation it shall be understood that users expressly accept receiving said communications. This consent may be revoked, without retroactive effects, via simple notification to the sender at, in accordance with what is provided for in article 22 of Law 34/2002, of 11 July, governing Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services. Simultaneously, the necessary mechanisms have been implemented so that users that require so, can stop receiving the aforementioned services and communications at any point.
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