Sistemas Tecnológicos para el Desarrollo y Gestión de Juegos, S.L is a company whose fiscal address is at Avenida Doctor Peset Aleixandre, 73. 46009 Valencia. When you use our website (, you will be asked to provide the Company with personally identifiable information (“PII”). The Company is committed to respecting your privacy and complying with the applicable laws regarding privacy and data protection, therefore we have adopted this privacy policy in order to help you understand how we gather, use and protect your PII when it comes to offering you our services. If you do not understand the Privacy Policy or the way that we handle and use the PII when you provide us with this information we request that you send your queries to and we will do everything within our control in order to resolve your queries as soon as promptly as possible.

How we collect personally identifiable information (PII):

When you register and use our gambling services, or when you respond to our communications (for example questionnaires or surveys), you give the Company your consent to compile and process your PII for the purpose of offering you its services. The PII that we compile may include your name, email address, post code, telephone number and date of birth as well as other data collected when you register.

How we process your information (“purposes”)?:

You authorise that the PII you provide will be compiled and processed for one or several of the following purposes: (i) allowing us to offer you leisure services; (ii) processing all of your information requests; (iii) offering you customer service; (iv) marketing our services, websites or products or those of other entities that belong to the same group of companies that the Company belongs to (Sistemas Tecnológicos para el Desarrollo y Gestión de Juegos, S.L.), or those of our associated companies and affiliates; (v) inform you about updates to our services; and (vi) support any of the purposes planned and specifically declared at the time that you provided your PII.

Who we divulge your information to (“recipients”)?:

Unless, as indicated below, you do not give your consent, you authorise the Company and the Recipients to contact you in relation to the services and products of Sistemas Tecnológicos para el Desarrollo y Gestión de Juegos, S.L via telephone and also via electronic means of communication in the event that you have provided your number, mobile number and/or email address. With regard to your right to privacy, we offer you the right to easily reject receiving our offers via email or as well as those of any other company of Sistemas Tecnológicos para el Desarrollo y Gestión de Juegos, S.L.. You can at any point request to stop receiving these offers, and to do so you should send a blank message with the word “Cancellation”; in the Subject line to If you do not wish to receive our offers via email or our telemarketing offers, contact 961152742 or write to us at the following address: Sistemas Tecnológicos para el Desarrollo y Gestión de Juegos, S.L. Avenida Doctor Peset Aleixandre, 73. 46009 Valencia. Spain.

Your rights in relation with PII:

If you wish to, you can exercise your right to access, rectify, cancel and oppose your Personally Identifiable Information, by sending us a detailed request via email in accordance with the applicable law, attaching a copy of your passport, to or write to us at Sistemas Tecnológicos para el Desarrollo y Gestión de Juegos, S.L. Avenida Doctor Peset Aleixandre, 73. 46009 Valencia. Spain.


We have put in place appropriate security policies, regulations and technical measures in order to protect and safeguard the PII under our control from non-authorised use, abuse or improper dissemination, non-authorised modifications, illegal destruction and accidental loss. All of our employees and people responsible for processing data that have access to your PII are obliged to respect your privacy.


By registering with us, users can receive a permanent cookie. A cookie is a small file that is placed on the hard disk of your PC in order to store records. Cookies can help us to recognise the user the next time that they visit our website and to register the advertisements that they click on and other sites that they access through a link on our website. This allows us to adapt the service we offer them to suit their preferences. We can also use the data generated from cookies in order to compile statistical data about the way that users use our site. Our website uses three types of cookies: (i) "session cookies"; which are only stored temporarily during a browsing session in order to enable normal use of the system and they are removed from your device when the browser is closed; (ii) "origin cookies" or "persistent cookies"; created and read solely by our website, they are stored on your device for a fixed period of time (normally a year or longer) and are not deleted when the browser is closed. Those cookies are used in order so we can identify you when you make repeated visits, for example, they allow us to save your preferences for the next time that you start a session (like your user name and/or password); “third party cookies”; created by other websites that have content on the website that you are viewing, for example, the analysis companies of third parties that supervise and analyse our Website accesses. You are not obliged to accept our cookies or those of any other website. You can modify your browser in order not to accept them. Consult the “Help” section in your browser in order to receive instructions about how to do so correctly. However, for legitimate security reasons, we can deny access to specific content on our website if the user does not accept installing cookies or any similar devices.

Protection of minors:

Los servicios brindados por la Compañia no están dirigidos a menores ni a personas que no hayan alcanzado la mayoría de edad. Toda persona que nos proporcione su IPI declara haber cumplido los 18 años o haber alcanzado la mayoría de edad en su jurisdicción. Nos reservamos el derecho de acceder a la IPI suministrada por los usuarios o recopilada sobre ellos y a corroborarla. Si descubrimos que algún menor ha intentado o logrado proporcionar IPI, podremos no aceptar dicha información y adoptar las medidas necesarias para eliminarla de nuestros registros. Esta política de privacidad está sujeta a cambios, por lo que le aconsejamos leerla en forma periódica. Nos reservamos el derecho de enmendar o modificar esta política de privacidad en cualquier momento y en respuesta a los cambios introducidos en las leyes aplicables sobre protección de datos y privacidad. En caso de que los fines sufran algún cambio, notificaremos a los usuarios tan pronto como sea posible y, siempre que se requiera, solicitaremos su consentimiento cuando dicha notificación concierna a un nuevo fin adicional del procesamiento de datos.

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